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About me

Irish singer-songwriter Anthony McKeon’s second album, “Around the World”, is a journey into the intrepid traveller’s motivation behind a lifetime of political activism. His folk and reggae influenced genre of world music goes beyond the rejection of social apathy and attack on the military-industrial complex of his first album, “Hole in the Wall”, and reveals the 40-year-old’s windswept emotions. As chords out pour McKeon’s soul, the listener is taken on a journey where he leaves his onetime home of Bondi Beach, Sydney, to chase love around the world, which ultimately left him lamenting, brooding and later expressing in Arambol, Goa, India and busking on the streets of China. “Injustice has always been something I’ve campaigned against,” McKeon says. Such honesty is the resounding strength of the album, where the emerging middle-aged musician opens his global journey inward – and includes himself as his most complex, interesting subject. On the road collaborations with Damien Dempsey and Tony Epsie have now brought “Around the World” and Hole in the Wall to life, following a lifetime of revolution and urban grit. Music has always conveyed a special message for Anthony McKeon. When he left North Dublin he found himself, at 24, lost and confused on the streets of London. “But then I picked up the guitar and it was like hanging out with an old friend. I decided then that I’d travel the world as a musician,” he says. He took a precarious journey to the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories of the West Bank, where he performed a street concert lobbying for peace in the Middle East. He then landed him in Bondi Beach, Sydney, where he produced songs that protested the corporate greed and soul-less life that he saw in the metropolis. His energy saw him co-ordinate the World’s Biggest Busk and reclaim the streets for buskers around the throbbing beach district; and also reclaim radio for a collection of bohemians and beatniks that performed during his long-running, in-studio Monday Night Live on Bondi FM. His first album exposed Santa Claus as a “beggar and a thief,” and in the YouTube hit, “You Can Change,” a band of local musicians occupied a local McDonald’s store to demand nutritional food from the global giant. “Any corporation is run by people. They’re not faceless – human beings are making every decision in this world. It’s within our power to change,” he says, and has tirelessly lobbied corporations to utilize their infrastructure for a better world. He took that message to the world, forming the Shanti Rebels during Goa's festival season. Such is the clarity of “Around the World”, recorded in Europe, Australia and the greater Asian continent. It’s a journey where McKeon gets lost and found. “I’m similar to a lot of people, I guess, in that I sit in my living room and even in my darkest times, I dream of a better life for myself and a better world for us all.” “Music is just my way of giving my dreams a chance of coming true.”

Specific details

Gender Man
What is your stage/band name? Anthony McKeon
Country Of Origin Ireland
Are you a solo artist or in a band? Soloist
Language: English
What genres do you play? 1960s, 1980s to 1990s, 2000 on, Acoustic, Adult Contemporary, Alternative Country, Americana, Big Beat, Classical, Country, Cuban, Folk, Funky R&B, Garage Rock, Guitar Rock, Indie, Progressive Rock, Reggae, Rock, Rock, Ska, Traditional Indian, West Coast, World, Other
What instruments do you play? Guitar, Percussion, Viola
If so where? (Venues, dates) Bad Monkey 5 days aweek
What type of musician are you? Singer and song writer
Can/Do you play with other musicians? Yes
Have you played at any gigs? Yes
If yes, please provide details Bad Monkey ,dail , china bama dali, china twice in nature India
How many years have you been a DJ? 5
Agency or a Freelancer? Freelancer


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